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More holiday for workers? Let’s concentrate on actual problems first.

A brief look at the proposed law on increased holiday allowance for overtime and how the UK government should look at decreasing the pay gap between men and women. Continue reading


Graffiti across Norwich

Over the weekend, I took a trip down to some legal graffiti groups taking place across Norwich.

Is Big Brother encouraging bullies?

Is Big Brother taking things too far by allowing housemates to be bullied and isolated or are we to blame for watching it? Continue reading

You may not need feminism, but others do

A cry against the latest ‘we don’t need feminism’ campaign and a request to look further afield than your own front door. Continue reading

Celebrity Big Brother and why Gary Busey is an all-round winner

The recent exploits of the Celebrity Big Brother house is reviewed – how Gary Busey is a great housemate and person, and how he is being bullied by the other HMs. Continue reading

Vote for Bob

Vote for Bob and help save our countryside! #voteforbob Continue reading

Blinging Up Baby

Blinging Up Baby on Channel 5 certainly sparked more than just Swarovski crystals Continue reading

The latest news is boring? Check again

When I tell people my career is in journalism, most look at me and try not to laugh. I understand why – I don’t look like Nick Robinson, Charlie Brooker or Marie Colvin however, I do get paid for doing journalistic work hence my job title – journalist.

Review: Death Metal Tea Party: Agonised Deformity, Party Cannon, Exile the Traitor – The Vale – Glasgow – April 26

The heat rose quickly as people gathered for the Death Metal Tea Party. Disappointingly, no tea could be seen but the crowd was quickly distracted when Exile the Traitor brought their heavily influenced sound. The tiny stage

Let’s talk about apps, baby

It’s easy for me to admit I am addicted to my phone for I see it as an additional limb and I hate being without it. My phone battery dying feels like I’m suffering cardiac arrest – how will I browse the bad tattoo pins on Pinterest or argue with @bieberfan4lyfe* on Twitter about how … Continue reading

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