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More holiday for workers? Let’s concentrate on actual problems first.

Photo credit: The Guardian

Photo credit: The Guardian

After hearing today’s news on the new employment law to offer increased holiday for staff working overtime, I immediately disagreed with it. Surely if our holiday increased, our overtime pay would decrease and I, personally, would much rather more pay than holiday; I already have over a month that I can barely take due to “availability” and “business needs”, surely giving us MORE holiday allowance will cause more problems?

Then, my eye falls upon a more detailed report on Channel 4 of a previous headline regarding how the UK has droppedĀ in gender equality on a global scale.

How on earth can we be worried about giving more holidays to people when there is (on average) a 40% pay gap between men and women in health professions?

Credit data: Channel 4

Credit data: Channel 4

Why don’t we look at something that needs to be addressed rather than creating something completely new? I have never heard anyone moan that they need more holiday allowance. It doesn’t benefit smaller businesses either as increased holiday hours will decrease profitability, and the ability to grow.

InĀ 2014, I am shocked that an advance culture such as the United Kingdom could fall to number 26 in the global rankings for gender equality. More surprisingly, how were we at number 18 previously? It comes as no surprise that the Nordic states rank in the top five but I am very surprised to find us ranking below the United States and South Africa. You can read the full list at the World Economic Forum.

As with all my feminist posts I have to reiterate, this isn’t about hating men and wanting to punish the male species, this is about everyone being paid fairly.

I would love to hear from men in the health profession or other high paid gaps from the table above and see how they feel about this? Do you believe you deserve more pay than your female peers?


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