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The latest news is boring? Check again

When I tell people my career is in journalism, most look at me and try not to laugh. I understand why – I don’t look like Nick Robinson, Charlie Brooker or Marie Colvin however, I do get paid for doing journalistic work hence my job title – journalist.

Since working with the Scottish Green Party, I have found myself growing more and more interested in political news, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Generally though, I have always been keen on the latest news in current affairs, feminism and entertainments and I get so excited over watching a good news report to the point it inspires me.

Channel 4 recently reported on Europe’s last dictatorship in Belarus (see below) and what is really exciting is how reporter Jonathan Rugman was ordered out of the country and the camera operator(cannot be named) slipped through the net. To watch this “secret” footage being film, I cannot imagine the adrenaline running through this journalist’s body. They even managed to capture the back of President Alexander Lukashenko’s head, which is prohibited. To broadcast footage that was not meant to have been filmed in the first place inspires me to the nth degree. Who wouldn’t want that rush and the chance to capture goings on that could help educate folk and change lives?

Fame and money doesn’t come into it. What I want to do is inform people of what is happening. To be able to achieve that would be an exhilarating experience and I do hope I will achieve this one day.

People find the news boring but I completely disagree, you just need to look at it differently.


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