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Review: Necrotic Disgorgement, Documentaries of Dementia

Necrotic Disgorgement - DOD 5x5 72dpiIt may have been nine years since Necrotic Disgorgement’s debut but this sophomore release proves they weren’t resting on their laurels during this time. A rather uncomfortable intro track seems to be the influence of the violent artwork, created by Wormed frontman, Phlegton Vortex, which is a pictorial display of the lead track, Pincushion Pussy. The whole album is intense from start to finish, led by Jimmy Javins’ impressive voice

Vocally, the patterns have such immense and rigorous speed that they match the drum blasts, both which are perfectly placed within the mix. Dripping down to hefty guttural levels and leaping back up to black metal cries, Javins executes what can only be described as a perfect death metal vocal.

The lead guitar has a mind of its own, breaking up from slam grooves to solos that glide over the meticulous beats and bass lines. One tiny criticism is the lack of bass breaks, as the other parts seem to mask the bass lines considerably but it’s a very minor point.

Each tune tells its only violent story and holds its own merit. Postmortem Fluid Evacuation treads into pure slam territory, with chewy breakdowns and slimy groove. Then others crack into the older style of the scene like Crack Whore Compost, while Grotesque Skeletal Reconstruction hits a 10 on the grind scale, as it spews from start to finish without a single breath.

He Wears The Flesh brings the album to a contrasting, delicate ending but it’s an apparent ending nonetheless. The guitars go hell for leather here with solos and the few bass breaks before the record slows down gradually to a close.

Necrotic Disgorgement are definitely setting a new bar for musicianship, technicality and possibly even on the violent scale too. This is manic, intense and above all brutal as hell so a perfect addition to any death metal fan’s collection and should almost be a necessity. The vocals are strong, blasts are tight and the guitars ripple across the percussion. I for one, cannot wait to see where they go next.

Documentaries of Dementia by Necrotic Disgorgement is out on June 25th on Comatose Music.

Necrotic Disgorgement band photo 2013


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